Today is Shrove Tuesday, better known as Pancake Tuesday or in other parts of the world, Mardis Gras. So today for dinner, I popped into the supermarket hoping to buy some hotcakes. This is what I found.

Four mini waffles, each individually wrapped in plastic and then placed in a sealed plastic bag. Pretty tasty but I think I used too much maple syrup.

Two pancakes that I thought were four pancakes but were actually a chocolaty gooey interior sandwiched between two hotcakes. Not tasty at all.

On my way to work today, I came across some wafers that sort of look like waffles. Attack on Titan cookies that include a sticker.

As you can see, they come with a sticker from Season 2 of the anime.

Speaking of cookies, I finally got another Godzillanime (Anizilla?) card today. Unfortunately the supermarkets are running low on these wafers so I may have to quit my search for the last one. (#24 if anyone has it.)

Above are what the packages look like and below is one of the cookies.

Cards #1-9



25-27 (which are darned rare, obviously 24 is really really rare.)

So have a Happy Pancake Day everyone!

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