Happy Ash Valentine's Day

Not since 1945 has Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday converged. I hope people weren't planning on giving up chocolate for Lent. This is the present that Cupid brought for me today.

An Iron Man tin with a dozen brown or white little chocos in it.

I haven't decided whether to keep or give away this Stormtrooper mug. Heaven knows I have enough drinking implements.

You get ten of these little Star cookie thingies.

I bought this for a friend because it was the last one. I was hoping to see it show up elsewhere but it didn't so I guess he'll be the happy recipient of these coasters.

I was given this hunk of chocolate at work today. Tasty enough but a bit thick on the cocoa.

We also had this homemade item. Now I know why it was so heavy. It's 15 pound cake.*

*Explanation of the joke.
It's strawberry flavoured pound cake. ichi-go = strawberry and ichi=1, go=5. Trust me, it's hilarious.

I gave each of the gals at work an opportunity to grab a KitKat. They had a random chance at a Mikan (orange).

Amezake (sweet sake)

Regular chocolate flavour yet with a catchy saying on the package.

This yogurt berry almond flavoured one.

I scammed these galactic pictures ages ago and showed them off to the teachers. Oohs and Aahs ensued.

I recycle this picture of Ash every year at this time, so why buck tradition?

When I can locate my Godzilla calendar from 1988, I recycle this picture as well.

Have a Happy VD and/or Ash Wednesday everyone! (I can't wait until Easter when it mashes up with April Fools Day this year. Expect some sacrilegious hijinks!)

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