A Rally, Really?

I popped into the Aeon Mall in Natori and, lo and behold, there's a Stamp Rally going on!

I'm a sucker for a free prize so I wandered up and down the mall gathering stamps for my card as I go. There's a handy Stand-up Cutouts of each of the applicable Avengers.

(What! No Black Panther!?!)

Details of each character above and my completed sheet of Stamps below.

There are also a half-dozen little games though I haven't yet figured them out.

Finally, the big prize! A sheet of stickers! Woohoo!

These are slightly different from the sheet of stickers I scammed a while back.

While at the Mall, I took a break from my search and won a Spidey and a couple of giant Hulks. (You can never have enough Hulks.)

I hope you're not over-Avengered yet. There's more to come.

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