Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth.

As I write this, Cinco de Mayo was yesterday so I'm a little late as usual. Just to prove that Japan is always behind the times, there's a celebration of the Mexican holiday next weekend (here is the English for that link).

When I was in Canada, I attended the 50th birthday party for my pal, Phil. (About a decade ago, I had my 50th at his place!) He had a Mexican-themed soiree, with margaritas, nachos and other dishes from メキシコ (Mekushiko).

I was flying home in a few hours after the party, so I only had one true margarita, the others were virgins.

A Margarita machine!

The birthday boy culturally appropriated a sombrero for his big day.

Cacti Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake.

Of course there had to be a piñata.  

Here is Phil taking first crack at it.

Then his wife, Dawn, took a turn.

I too took a swing at it but the devious keeper of the string, moved the target at the last minute and I nailed myself in the nuts with the opposite end of the pole. There is supposedly a video of the damage but I was unable to find a copy of it. I spent the rest of the night nursing my nads with an ice pack.

I gave him a Hulk Kendama.

And a bottle of Dada plum-sake. It was Ultra-delicious.

Though I couldn't attend the party (because it was held in Toronto) of another bud's birthday bash which was held on May Fifth, here is a picture of the cake.

Enough about Mexico, here is my previous post about Han Solo, the flyer for the forthcoming film.

Why, you may ask, are you showing this? Because either of the above titles for today's post is appropriate for "Revenge of the Sith", a follow up to May the Fourth.

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