I Gatcha Avengers Right Here!

Apart from a set of Badges that came out prior to the release of Infinity War, there weren't any
ガチャポン (gatchapon) available. I only picked up two Capsules worth of badges for I got two of the coolest ones in my early effort.

Here are the rest of them, I believe they are only 200 yen for the pair of badges.

Then after the movie came out, if you looked hard, you could find this set. I have only seen the Capsule machines twice in my travels. Cool looking little rubber straps. (300 yen each.) I managed to complete the set of six in only six tries! I have a friend who I know would like Spidey so I tried twice more and got it.

Good to see Loki amongst them and I do indeed like Hulk the best.

Then last weekend, at an Aeon Cinema in Kitakami, I came across this set. I fed many many coins into the machine and was down to my last 3 coins before the mall was closing. And I got the elusive Hulk I sought.

Hulk and Thanos are "big-sized" versions.

Both Starlord and Rocket are packing heat. Be sure to not over look their weapons when assembling them like I almost did.

 Here's a pic of the machine in question. Thor is surprisingly absent from this set. (I have several doubles but I can't locate them at the moment. I was tidying and they got buried.)

Will this character be available when Venom is released?

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