Who Ya Gonna Call?

Hulkbuster! And a few more of his friends from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As you can see, here he is paired up with Spider-Man. (Wait a sec! Spidey wasn't in AofU!)

Okay, Thor and Captain America were.

As were Iron Man and Hulk.

This Sci-Fi series of Kids Nations may in fact be a bootleg. I could only find this on the net, though similar sets went for 20-100 bucks, my friend snagged this set in the UK HK for around 10 bucks thanks to some haggling. (Oops, he found them in Hong Kong, not the UK.)

As you can see, their stands interconnect. I'd like to get the whole lot. Looks like I'll need to take a trip to HK soon. There is probably all sorts of this stuff there.

Purely by chance, the day before I met my (figure) dealer, I found this Iron Legion figure from a similar set.

Cool, also by chance, the Avengers Ultron Revolution is on one of my Cartoon channels.

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