Just When I Thought I Was Out...

I would have been content with the Avengers goods I'd already acquired but then those money-grubbing weasels at Happy Kuji decide to start another campaign.

The final item is the coolest of the bunch, a large figure of Iron Spider.

There are two of each of these figures as well. Click the link above to see them all, otherwise these are the ones I've snagged to date.

The weirdest items up for grabs are these "Finger Skateboards". I have four different ones so far though I'd be happy if I don't get any more.

I got two Cap-skateboards so I popped one open. I'm just as adept on manipulating the finger version as I am the life-sized models.

You also get a MARVEL sticker.

Most plentiful of all (though I've yet to receive only the one) are these posters.

This is the one I landed. They are pretty nice, I must say.

At 700 yen a try, the posters and skateboards are overpriced. But those figures are worth every penny yen.

In case you aren't familiar with the quote in this post's title, here it is:


Bob Johns said...

Those posters are cool but that Spiderman takes the cake wow! Iron Man is pretty cool as well. I like the fingerboards not sure I would buy them but I like them.

Michael Jones said...

That Spidey will be super-rare to acquire so I'm keeping a close eye on the lottery. When you buy the last ticket, you get Iron Spider!


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