Singing Our Little Hearts Out!

Around two, Alex & I managed to persuade a few of the ladies to join us in Karaoke. These were the participants of the KitKat contest, so perhaps they felt they owed me something.

It was a fun night, and I got to sing my version of "As Time Goes By" among others. The ladies & Alex had a chance to warble a few too.

Afterwards, we wandered over to Hide & Seek, trying to find a venue for Halloween and my pal, Akari was there with some passed out beau.

I split from them, went to Title and then ended the night at Ernie's where I met an Aussie バーママ (Bar-Mama/ Owner of "Cocktail Oz", 022-713-5737) and two Russian lasses. I ended up treating them to breakfast and got home about 8:30 (after falling asleep on the bus again and walking for 25 minutes.)

The next night I went to Haranomachi to meet an old coworker and her friends and I picked up some 江戸豆 (edomame or green bean-flavoured) KitKat for お土産 (omiyage=souvenir.) (I predict the taste will be a little unappetizing.)

Today I went for a long bike ride and found some
北海道ミルク (Hokkaido milk-flavoured) KitKat. It was yummy.

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