Sendai 17th Annual Jazz-less Festival.

An amazing weekend of music as always, it's just that there was VERY LITTLE JAZZ. Wondering the streets, what I did hear was: Rock, Samba, Blues, Ska, Folk, Pop, Metal, Bluegrass, Disco, Mexican Harp Music, Gospel, Karaoke, Elevator Muzac, etc, etc ... There were a half dozen venues that specialized in Jazz, but it was pretty old school, Big Band/ Dixieland style stuff. Maybe if they just retitled the darn thing, "Sendai Music Festival", I wouldn't get my shirt in a knot. But dagnabitall, I wanted to hear some down & dirty JAZZ.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Rather than bore you with a bunch of photos of bands you'll never see or hear, I decided to bore you with pictures of ME!

Statue-esque pose.

The upper stage in 勾当台公園(Kotodae-koen, koen=park
Somewhere on 定禅寺お道理 (Jozenji-dori=street)
At Ernies. I've met her a few times as the enemy's supporter at Alex's hockey games. (Name's on the tip of my tongue.)
Another hockey fan whose name is also in the inner recesses of my memory.
Check out my cool "Evil Dead, The Musical" hat. I need to write about that play one day.
On the 6th floor of Mediatech are several gallery spaces. VJ Nori took this shot of me next to the "Photo Is" exhibit. Nori took several artsie shots throughout the day.
My Left Foot.
The head to my left is not the scary chick from "Ringu", but is Michiko and I'm going to do a whole post on her!


NORI said...

I really had fun :)

Michael Jones said...

Me too!
You Rock, Nori!


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