Smoking Clean!

I haven't bitched about smoking in a long time. You can find some of my previous entries here here here and here. Frankly the smoking situation in Japan has improved, with NO smoking on Shinkansens and most restaurants improving their No-Smoking Sections (yet they still have a long way to go...) Never fear, the bar scene is still a haven for second-hand smokers looking for a fix.

So I thought I'd show you a "Smoking Clean" campaign that Japan started a while back. You can find 72 of these smoker's style graphics when you click the link. I've added my personal favourites. I haven't seen any posted anywhere in awhile, perhaps they've gone by the wayside.

This article on worldwide bans has little recent news about Japan. Japan's latest news is: "52,000 taxis in Tokyo, Japan, 95 percent of all taxis, are now smoke-free. . . but if passengers insist on smoking, cabs with portable ashtrays can stop and let them smoke (January 7)." I'm certain that they keep their meters running while you puff. What a drag!

Click on these two links to show you a couple of amusing photos about portable ashtrays
and smoking jackets.

Curiously, none of these ads mentions anything about the harm that second-hand smoke can do. Merely mentioning that it's a littering offense, a fire hazard or an inconvenience to others. The dreaded "C" word is never mentioned.

On the other hand, Canada's non-smoking campaign gets a little more graphic for every pack of smokes contains a graphic health warning! Click on the link for more, but they're pretty grotesque...you have been warned!

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