Cheerio Japan!

I'm back safe & sound from my venture to the frozen tundra known as Canada. But I know I'm back in Japan when I discover "Nanchatte Orange" which loosely translates as "Just Kidding Orange." Though it looks like Soy Sauce, it tastes like a bitter orange drink, far removed from the overly sweetened swill you usually get.

And it certainly wouldn't be Japan without a new flavour of KitKat! 大学いも味 which according to my online translator is a University Potato!

There was also some ラッキーリトル (Lucky Little) which I suspect are a rerun, but yummy just the same.

Best of all, when I bought the KitKat, they gave me a free KitKat eraser! Fortunately they warned me not to eat it for it's made of rubber!
(Tomorrow, I'll start on vacation highlights, for now I'm off to bed!)

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