Yet Another KitKat Post.

Not only is this another Post about KitKat, but KitKat has come out with another Post. I suspect that my friends and students are beginning to come around to my fixation and have begun to reciprocate my endless generosity towards them. This morning, one of my students gave me the latest KitKat/Japan Post collaboration which is almost identical to last years.

Last years box set also quotes,
"キット、サクラサクよ。" Which is basically a good luck nod towards passing your University entrance exams. (See below.) Here is the obverse & reverse of it (which I discovered last Friday while cleaning my desk. Is there an expiry date on choco-wafers?)

Not to be outdone by my gift-giving prowess of last Christmas, two of my co-workers contributed to another of Nestle's promos and ordered these. Today, I received a tardy Christmas/Birthday present, a box of 10 KitKats with MY PICTURE ON THE COVER!! How awesome is that? (Click the pic to MIGHTY-MIKE it!)

Scroll down to three days ago and you'll find a previous KitKat post that promises two new KitKats, Bitter-Chocolate and Raspberry-Passion Fruit. Cool, eh! I picked up the two different boxes and much to my surprise (and disappointment) it is two different labels of the exact same wafer: Bitter Chocolate & Raspberry-Passion Fruit! Fortunately, it tastes terrific, one of the best yet!! Furthermore, they still have the "buy 2 bars, get a pen for free" gimmick!

That one is a birthday heads-up to DJ Mixture! He shares his day with Aussie Ando. Tomorrow is a birthday heads-up to Liga's Satomu & fellow Canuck, Rob!

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