Photo Finish

I finally managed to figure out how to upload photos from my i-phone, so here's the goods! I also discovered that I still had a plastic cover pressed over my lens so the first several are blurrier than usual. Live and learn.

The first photo is of a young lass I met at Ernies. I was back in good form, keeping her amused the whole evening and in true "he's such a nice guy" form (and the reason why I always finish last), I reintroduced her to the guy upon whom she has had a crush.

The next pic is a few shots of Mokugohan's hairy arm djing on his i-pad.

Near one of my schools is this FUN sign requesting that you clean up after your dog. The Japanese word for animal poop is フン which is pronounced "fun". Hilarity ensues.

These are much blurrier than they should be because it was (a)pissing down rain and I was afraid of getting my phone wet, (b)it was dark and I couldn't figure out the flash and (c)the aforementioned plastic cover. Taken at last weekend's UFO extravaganza out in Hillbilly country, there were bands, djs & belly dancers galore!

Last night I had a darts party with the old Shiogama crew. A friend of one of the few students who showed up (Ayano) became my partner and we kicked butt in the first match!

Finally, I attended a birthday party for wee Akari, my Ultraman organizer!

ps. A heads-up to Rob, your ex-student Haruka is doing well! Furthermore, it appears that I fixed my spacing problem! Yay!

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