Kit'n Clio.

It's been quite a harrowing week of trying to compile the proper paperwork to finalize my new wheels. Most importantly, I need a map of my apartment parking space to prove to the cops that I have somewhere to park them. I went to the copshop in Soma only to find out that I need them from Sendai's copshop. It's open 24 hours, so I head down there only to discover that the place where I need the form is only open 9-5. I managed to get the forms yesterday and get my landlord to fill them out. The other form I require is proof that my Hanko (name-stamp) is registered with the government. I've been using 舞蹴 (mai-keru or kick-dance) for a dozen years only to discover that I require something in English. Every other foreign friend of mine has a kanji for their name, I suppose it's just my ward (or the clerk therein) that requires it. Thus the 24 bucks I spent on a new Hanko is all for naught and I had to order another one for 60 bucks! Ah well. So I dropped off my rental today and picked up a loaner today until the paperwork gets formalized. This is my new ride, a Honda Clio!
It's a little clunky but it'll suffice. Today's wtf character is by the folks at Kitan. It looks like a fairly innocuous hippo until you look closer and espy the woman in its maw!

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