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I inadvertently soaked my wallet in CC Lemon overnight so en route home, I popped into the Aeon Mall to buy a new one. I went to the Warners-Mycal Cinema on a lark and it just happened to be a cheap movie day. Thus I watched MIB3 (a few chuckles, definitely glad I didn't pay full price) and a J-Horror called 貞子3D or Sadako 3D. Check out those links for more info. Suffice to say, though slow moving at the beginning, it got much creepier near the end with some truly cool spider-like Sadakos. It also featured this cool white moth that we encountered in hillbilly country. The 3D effects are a little cheesy at first but end up being rather effective. If you're a fan of Ringu, you'll enjoy this!

One good thing about this cinema is that you get to keep your glasses so you don't have to keep paying for rentals! Even better, this pair from SW Episode 1 was on sale!

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365 Days of Yogi said...

Aww Mikeychan! I think they lied - they look like those glasses are based off Mr Magoo.



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