A Sound of Thunder.

One of my favourite sf authors as a kid had to be Ray Bradbury. Others included John Wyndham and Robert Heinlein but they've already passed on. I reread "A Sound of Thunder" every few years. It's such a great story! Too bad the movie version sucked. I loved all his short stories collections and I just heard that some of them have been adapted into Manga. I'll have to track them down. He had a way of dragging me back to my childhood and the last book of his that I read was Farewell Summer, a sequel to "Dandelion Wine" 50 years later. Now that I'm reaching a more mature age, I found some of those stories a tad depressing. When I read of his passing, I immediately thought of his friend of several decades, Ray Harryhausen. I can't express my thoughts much more succinctly so I'll let him speak for himself and let Neil Gaiman express his. I dug up a few photos of his works and I'll end with a video tribute by my FB pals, Debs & Errol. I imagine that these are Golden Apples of the Sun and The Martian Chronicles and a Doreamon manga from 69!.

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