Today is what would have been my mother's 85th birthday so I thought I'd show you some of the items of hers I brought back with me. I have several antique thimbles and some single flower vases that she would use in her flower arrangements. Someday, I may use them myself in a bit of East meets West 生け花 or Ikebana. I also retrieved some sherry snifters that I'm sure I can find a use for. They will go along well with these ET Suntory-Ade glasses that I picked up for 200 at an antique store on my way home from work today. I also got a cool Kokeshi for few hundred yen and an extremely unusual thingamagig. It has a monkey and a monster and 5 holes. Maybe they are for plants or incense or something but inside each hole was what looks like cicada larvae! Gross!

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