I am SO glad that I finally have weekends off again! Today was a lovely day that started with me presiding over the wedding of a lovely couple. It's my first wedding in over a year and it went off without a hitch (well, actually, there was a hitch...the couple!) I'd taken a photo of myself in Preacher garb but inadvertently deleted it. Doh!

Afterwards, I wandered to Kotodai-Koen and there was a mini-food fest happening. There were only a few performers but they had lots of gumption. I had a few beers and bought a few items (some dried mushrooms, fish & kombu seaweed) because with a purchase, you acquire an opportunity to win crap and that is my kryptonite! I bought enough to try 4 times to win and I won 4 packs of tissues!

A bit of a beer buzz, a new bookstore (basement of Mitsukoshi) and a few bucks is an expensive combination. I bought a few books including another DeAgostino doozy. It's the first part of a 1/84 scale model of the HMS Victory.

It will take months to actually complete the durn thing, you only get a few pieces at a time! But hey, for 190yen, it's worth it just for the glue that you're given!

On the 7th floor of Mitsukoshi, there is a mini-art gallery and the display this time is of some bizarre sculptures of 薮内さとしSatoshi Yabuuchi. I snapped several photos until told not to do so (in my defense, there was no "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" sign) and then was handed a booklet of several of his works. They were for sale, but I didn't have a spare 6 million yen on me.

Finally, Rakuten Eagles won their game today 2-1!!

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