Alien Chopsticks!

I haven't yet taken these to work yet, I'm working in the Elementary schools this week and it might freak out the littluns. Back to the Junior High schools next week, so that'll be the time for their debut. Ya gotta love the "Precautions for Use": *Do not place near fire or hot temperature. *Please use soft sponge and mild dishwasher detergent when washing by hand. Do not brush with scrub brush or cleanser. *Do not wash with alkaline detergent or orange oil. *Use only as chopsticks. *Do not sterilize in boiling water; may cause change in shape. *Caution when used by a child, pointy end may cause harm. *Please do not put in microwave or oven. *Do not wash in dishwasher. *We are not responsible for any wrong usage. *Do not put the grip side into your mouth. *Do not swing or use for purposes other than eating, may cause unintentional harm to the eyes or other body parts. I'm not sure I really want to eat with them now!

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