A Trek Interlude.

Since I was too busy jiving to Jazz all weekend, I never had a chance to mention Star Trek's 46th Anniversary. The Google Doodle had an interactive display (poor Red Shirt) that allowed you to see both Tribbles and a Gorn! I missed the rock that Kirk throws, check out all the action here:

In addition to Google, Oreo got in on the action with an Enterprising cookie!

Anyway, I stumbled upon an old episode of Wayne and Shuster and their spoof, Star Shtick. The first clip is surprisingly unfunny but it is good to see several of Canada's finest bit actors in bit roles in the sketch and fortunately the gags do improve.

At the 7:50 mark, there is a reference to Wayne Cashman, a goon for the Bruins. Here he is in action against doughnut tycoon, Tim Horton!

Back to the Mr. Spoof spoof. Notice they mention Supermen. Here's a bit of trivia for ya. Frank Shuster is the cousin of Superman co-creator, Joe Shuster! The Earth Theme song is a doozy!

Did anyone make it through the entire hour?

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall, it's time to bid you one and all...

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