Tricky Treats.

Taking a break from more Morioka, here are a few of the snacks out there for Halloween season. I picked these up two weeks ago just in case they disappear from the stores. Effective September 25th many of the shelves that are stuffed with Halloween goodies today disappear to make way for Christmas goods. It's pathetic!
The top two bags will be Treats for the Halloween party at Ernies on October 26th, start working on your costume now!

I plan to eat the Mickey Pasta on October 1st to start off a month of Halloween posts for the Countdown to Halloween, if you love all things Spooky, go to that site and start clicking to see what other blogs will be doing next month.

Last week I picked up some Marshmallows, Toppo & Prez. Since then I've decided to cut out 90% of my snacking. Therefore these are up for grabs if anyone wants them!

I still have to keep my eye out for the Supermarket shelves though. There's a new KitKat out but the ones I bought were left in the fridge at the hotel last Saturday. I sure hope that it wasn't a Moriokan regional issue.

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