You Won't Like Me When I'm Ang Lee.

On the way home tonight I decided to pop into a Book-Off that I'd never popped into before. A couple thousand yen later, I now own a few more books, cds, movie pamphlets, a copy of   "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" and this.

I already own a copy of  ハルク (Hulk) and I'd seen this edition for big bucks before but I saw it priced really cheaply so I snapped it up. Apart from the nifty box that it comes in (I wish the fist could be worn like brass knuckles), it also has several other goodies like a 3rd DVD.

You also get two comics (both in English so definitely not as cool.) The origin of Hulk #1 is reproduced in all its grey goodness with a lovely anti-commie message and an annoying Rick Jones. Covers of Kirby & Lee's issues 2 and 3 are wrapped up a nice portrait of the giant green guy.

Another mini-mag includes 4 different styles rendering our Gamma-irradiated guy undergoing his Hulkification, including Adam Kubert in the Marvel Style, Salvatore Larroca in the European Style, and Katsuya Terada in the Dark and Brooding Style.

The fourth style is Manga Style by Tommy Ohtsuka.

Oops, it's upside-down.
Finally, I got an envelope stuffed with 10 Storyboard postcards. Sweet!

Be sure to click on any of the pics to Hulkify them.
One of these days, I need to watch this movie again...

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Anonymous said...

Ey! Could you send me to my e-mail photos about the comic by Salvatore Larroca and Tommy Ohtsuka? Please I like so much the style from this comics! > braveheartyumeyume@gmail.com THANKS!


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