Some Random Crap From Morioka.

While I was in Morioka, I didn't buy too much but I occasionally had to enter a Conbini for a tea break or a pee break. While there, I usually felt obligated to buy something, so this is what I got. 7-11 has a huge Disney campaign going on right now and next month Disney Sea has the gang from Toy Story in a Monster-Mash-up and lots of crap to go with it. Right now, there's a lot of vintage characters at exorbitant prices to celebrate Walt's 110th birthday. I got a big "D" with a Donald.

There has to be a new Doraemon movie out for he's featured as well. Another crappy Key Holder (good thing I need some Halloween presents for the party next month.)

A couple of Monster Hunter characters and Nintendo has choco-eggs and coffees with characters right now. Apart from Donkey Kong, I'm not too interested in getting any more.

I was getting dehydrated and happened upon some NAIVE EVIAN water with these cute little cat post-it notes. Well, I was thirsty, so I landed all six of them.

When directed by my Navi to an empty parking lot while looking for a hotel, I had to stop for directions. I espied this little Schnauzer kit that you make with pipe-cleaners. It's beyond my capability of assembling, but I have a friend with a Crafty Canine that'll love it.

There was very little to buy at the Kenji Miyazawa Museum, still I needed some Omiyage for some work-colleagues so I bought a big box of Galaxy Railroad 999 cookies.

As a follow-up to my Halloween treats post, one of my roving reporters has added a "Bootiful" bounty. Furthermore, I opened up the Pretz and it comes with a ghost mask, pretty scary, huh?

Since this is mostly about Conbinis, I thought I'd share a picture of a Moth that I discovered on the window of a Lawsons. It was about the size of my hand and was either resting or checking out the porn!

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