Bad Coffee.

I don't regularly drink coffee but since I've caught the gout, I've heard that it helps. That's my excuse anyway for buying 8 cans of Dydo Coffee today. The fact that they have a Michael Jackson pin attached has nothing to do with my purchasing decision. Apart from Billie Jean and Heal the World, I landed the others in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, these appear to be issued last May and I found them in a Lawsons 100¥store so the chances of getting the missing two are slim.

I got two Thrillers and I'm going to keep one for myself, the others shall be distributed among the masses. Anyone want one?

Starting this week, Boss/ Softbank has started a promo with 5 different doggies bearing a different coloured sweater. I got two today yet I wish there were a Tommy Lee Jones variant out there!

Watch that ad and then click around for more of TLJ's commercials. If you want to check out some older ones, try these Japanese Coffee Commercials. My very own Tommy Lee Jones blog entries can be found at that link.

Time for bed. The highway is closed so it takes me much longer to get to work. I'll need one of those coffees in the morning!

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