On the Road.

I had a wedding in Morioka on Sunday so I decided to tack on a day before and after and hit the road Jack Kerouac style and drive there. I got on the Highway at 11:50 and at 11:53 I sat in a traffic jam for 40 minutes. Not a very auspicious start! Eventually things picked up past Tagajo (the nexus of jams) and I made it to my destination in good time. En route, I snapped a few pics of the sky while driving (sounds more dangerous than it was) and here are the results:

Due to my later than expected start, I made an early pit-stop Tsurusu (I opted against playing mini-golf), then I hit the road again.

I had my hotel programmed into my Navi so I could afford to take a little detour and hightailed it to Lake Gosho. Dam interesting!

I settled in my Hotel (Route Inn...only go if you're desperate. In other words, book in advance at somewhere nicer.) I wanted to check out a place called That's My Bar Lupin  and with a few false starts found it. Opened in '78, the friendly owner has jazz piped in, several trinkets adorn the place and he serves up some wicked drinks. I discovered a Halloween KitKat and gave one to each of the patrons but alas, I forgot them in the Hotel fridge! Doh!

He gave me an original drink on the house (it wasn't very good) but this was: An Ice Cream Sandwich!

And that was Day 1...

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