Don't Be Repulsed.

Saturday was a pretty damn good day! I had two weddings in the morning that went off without a hitch and then I had to meet my Wedding Agent to get paid.

Since I was in Tomiya anyway, I decided to pop into the 109 Cinema to see if there was anything worth watching; there wasn't. But, the UFO Catch Centre next door was a godsend. There was a display of Avengers Clocks (too tough to catch) but also a trio of Ts and a duo of bags. I cleaned them out. Averaging about 2-300 per bag and 3-400¥per T-shirt, I managed to land 5 T-shirts and 3 ミニメッサンジャーバッグ (mini-messenger bags). There are only 3 different Ts and 2 different bags, but that didn't stop me.

Even better, there was a promo going on and each prize you won got you a chance at some other random stuff. I got 6 puffy cheese sticks, a Hulk badge and a Bear from Brave!

I wore the Iron Man shirt (a little tight) and met up with buddy Michael and his circle of fiends.

Fun time, but I was happy to leave the yappy crowd and go see Alex spin a few tunes at my buddy Suu's bar, Dragon Diner (his previous bar was Title). On the way there I noticed that one of the UFO Centres that was shut down since the earthquake had reopened. I indulged and won a dozen little One Piece cushions for a few bucks. I later gave them out to the patrons at the Dragon Diner.

I nicknamed the little chihuahuas Juan & Juan (Get it? Huh?) Finally I gave Suu a mini-Iron Man and he can be seen here copping a feel from Storm and instructing two Rody dogs to stay!

A fun night out and I continued my tradition of giving away my hard-earned UFO Caught items. No wonder I'm broke all the time!

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