No Longer a Toys R Us Kid.

There was a time when I loved popping into a Toys Am Us to pick up some cards or figures or just to browse.   Today I popped into the one in Natori on the way home from work. The first thing I noticed was a display of Monstrous Lego! Alas, I have neither the time, money, patience or space to build such a monstrosity but they sure are sweet!

Too expensive but I'd consider getting the Creature or this LOTR Spider!

A rather auspicious start but unfortunately it went downhill from there. A cool game mixing the classic Universal Monsters and some classic Japanese Yokai. I still haven't played my Kitaro game, so I'll hold off on this one.

I'd considered this puzzle but again expensive, time consuming and it takes up a lot of space.

 If I had a spare C-note kicking around, I'd definitely get RoboSaurus!

Very disappointed in the lack of Superhero material. All there was was some Spider-Man junk from the last movie. Why are Spidey and the Lizard buffed up in Robotic suits?

So ultimately, all I ended up picking up was a Captain America Pez!

I also grabbed some Halloween treats. I found some KitKats (Pumpkin Pudding) but I'm not sure if they're the same as the ones I bought and forgot in Morioka. They taste okay and there are 13 minis in the bag, each one has a little Monster cartoon character upon it.

I also got some Snoopy Gummis; I particularly like the vampiric Snoopy & Chuck and the Linus Mummy with the Masked Marvel!

The most intriguing snack was this package of different Senbei, crunchy rice cakes by Befco called Bukkake Bakauke. Great packaging but boring little snacks themselves.

Woohoo, less than a week away from The Countdown to Halloween...stay tuned...same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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Perogyo said...

Oh I need to get to TRU to get some of those Peanuts gummies. Yum yum!


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