Happy Future Birthday!

Do you know whose birthday it'll be a century from now? None other than that magical cat, Doraemon! He'll be born on September 3rd 2112 and by an astonishing coincidence, he has been made a resident of Kawasaki. If you pay a visit to the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, you'll even get a copy of his birth certificate. (Take That, Obama!)

Speaking of  that museum, it is celebrating its First Anniversary and there are a five file folders to honour the event. I only have three of the folders yet I really dig the robotic dude. Anyone able to tell me who it is?

I have NO idea what K-on is all about but the kiddies at school go gaga over it. I have a handful of heads in teacups that are rather cute though quite odd. A coworker is planning to present these to the Speech Contest Participants and he only managed to get one of them. I, of course, have the set plus a few doubles that I'm happy to donate to the cause.

Too...damned...cute...for me.

Happy Future Birthday to you, Doraemon!!

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The Frog Queen said...

That is an awful lot of cute :D



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