Gorilla My Dreams.

I popped into the Aeon Mall in Rifu to do some banking and discovered a new Capsule toy set I hadn't previously seen, Desk-Kong.

I picked up one and got the first on the list, 威嚇 (ikaku or menacing) Kong. He'll hang from whatever I'm drinking and threaten me while shaking his fist. A good motivator.

The others in the series that I'll try and pick up second-hand are: 挑発 (chouhatsu or provocative) Kong leaning on an eraser, 警戒 (keikai or vigilant) Kong keeping watch from behind one's keyboard, 鎮座 (chinza or enshrinement) Kong sitting contemplatively astride a speaker and 咆哮 (houkou or roaring) Kong who grasps one's coffee cup and howls intimidatingly.

Last night I had dinner with my lady friend and we had a nice meal at a Shabu-Shabu place. I have begun a carb-free diet so I had my dish steamed, not deep fried.

While I was grinding the sesame seeds*, I complimented her on her new hairdo. For some reason she didn't take me seriously!

She took over the grinding and she flattered me on my new beard. Much appreciated.

*There is some sub-context for the above two pictures, read about Goma-suri here.

Anyone else looking forward to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? I know I am!

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