Render Unto Caesar.

When home in Canada, I consumed as many Bloody Caesars as possible. Apart from the homemade ones that my host Phil made with the Vodka I brought him, I had several around town.

Check out the graffiti in Phil's basement!

 Chilling with another Phil, we consumed some Flying Monkeys beer. Very hoppy and very happy!

Also had some nice Indie beers, Cracked Canoe and Barking Squirrel!

I won't bore you with all the food that I consumed yet I must show off this awesome poutine and deep-fried pickles from the Loose Moose:

Finally a lovely romantic message on a poster in the loo.


Anonymous said...

i FEEL obliged to make bloody caesars next time you're here.

Michael Jones said...

I'll feel obliged to drink them.


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