In the wake of the success of the new movie, I've been hoping for some new Godzilla goods on this side of the pond. So far, I haven't seen any items related to the movie itself but I've finally found some new loot at a Toys Am Us in Kitakami. There were some transforming Ultramen as well but here are the goodies, transforming Eggs of Godzilla and pals. (Click that link to go to the webpage.)

As you can see, they're about 10 bucks a pop so I only grabbed one, King Ghiddorah. The E.G モード (Egg mode) is about the size of a large egg and with some manipulation, it transforms into A.T モード (Attack mode). Though it looks fairly cool, it is fairly flimsy and I'm not going to buy any more in the series (unless I find them discounted.)

To see more of Ghiddy, go to the 2:10 mark of this little video. Actually watch the whole thing, it's rather good.

I didn't get any of the Utlra-eggs, so here is a video of Seabozu being built.

I did though pick up a Mini-Big Head Figure of Ultraman because there were 13 bad guys and only two good guys so I had a good chance of getting a villain.

I got the aforementioned  シーボーズ (Seabozu) who appears to have an unnatural attraction to a spaceship!

Note: beer sold separately.

I didn't get one of these but I thought it was worthy of a photo. Is there really a market for ハックニャン (Hack-nyan or barfing cats)? Apparently so.

More Kaiju capers tomorrow!

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