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I popped into Movix on the way home from work, not to see a movie, but to see what goodies they might have. I picked up a few advance movie tickets just to get the premiums that come with them.

Of course, I had to get Gojira and the accompanying poster. It's such a nice deal, I got two!

Too bad it opens worldwide in 10 days and I have to avoid spoilers for 10 more weeks because it won't hit Japan until July 25th! Once again, Japan, you have failed me.

As you can see, I also bought a ticket for Pompeii, not so much because I want to see the movie, but because I get a cool box of tissues!

Similarly, I want to go see Maleficent but I should wear this eyemask in case it gets too spooky!

Spoiler alert: a few unreleased scenes here plus a very annoying blonde chick at the 2 minute mark.

 I take the opportunity to smooch Angelina!

I'm a little disappointed that there are no advanced goodies for X-men Future and Past. Here I try to telepathically acquire some hints about the movie.

I did buy another bucket of Spidey-popcorn. This bucket is actually made of metal and holds a heckofa lotta kernels.

Chilling with a Spartan:

My buddy Crayon-Shinchan and I meet Roboto-chan!

I've shown these before (but damned if I can find them on this blog) but these are the "No More" Illegal Download/ Anti-Piracy ads. The one at the 33 second mark is my favourite, that gal is just so cute. Too bad she'll end up behind bars.

The anime version:

The most recent one, this time with English subs.

They've proven so popular (though not necessarily effective) that they're now marketing the characters. But not the cute gal, darn it.

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