Battle Royale With Cheese.

First the cheese. One of my favourite battles was キングコング対ゴジラ (King Kong vs. Godzilla) back in '62. I saw this along with the other Showa movies during a  Godzilla Movie Marathon throughout Golden Week.

This picture is courtesy of my tv channel, Nihon Eiga Senmon Channel, and states that the filming was done at Faro Island in the Solomon Islands.

I have a few more behind the scenes photos thanks to a book I picked up last month. I'll be scamming pics from it all month.

Spoiler Alert: There was a rumour going around that two versions of the movie were filmed. Thanks to the  King Kong vs. Godzilla Wiki page, we can dispel that myth.
  • The dialogue is slightly different. In the Japanese version onlookers are wondering if Godzilla might be dead or not as they watch Kong swim home and speculate that it's possible he survived. In the American version, onlookers simply say, "Godzilla has disappeared without a trace" and newly shot scenes of reporter Eric Carter have him watching Kong swim home on a viewscreen and wishing him luck on his long journey home.
  • As the film ends and the screen fades to black, owari (the end) appears on screen. Godzilla's roar followed by Kong's is on the Japanese soundtrack. This was akin to the monsters' taking a bow or saying goodbye to the audience as at this point the film is over. In the American version, only Kong's roar is present on the soundtrack.

Now for the aforementioned Battle Royale. All the elementary schools have their Sports Festival this Saturday so I've been able to enjoy some sunshine and watch the littluns run around. Here they are lined up and ready for battle:

This reminds me of MY Elementary school days at Central Public ES in Brampton. Due to my Christmas birthday, I began school at the age of 4 1/2 instead of 5 and there was only one other kid in my grade with the same circumstance. Thus throughout Grades 1-7, we were pitted against each other annually. No matter what the event, he was first and I'd come home with a dozen 2nd place ribbons. Since I was the wee-est lad in the school, this is no big surprise. Thinking back, it's okay that I placed second. I'd hate to have come in LAST for every event with 30 other kids, this way, at least I landed a ribbon!

Now I am of average height in this Lilliputian land and I look cool!

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