Unhappy Sets.

The most recent Happi Setto at McD was Ultraman. During the first weekend, they gave out this nice little booklet with the figures.There's a handy dandy checklist with 27 different Ultramen (though I can't tell the difference between any of them), and twice as many villains which are much cooler and easier to discern.

There's a page in there advertising for a couple of neat little toys. Much to my chagrin, they are much cooler than the actual toys in the Happi Setto.

I'm not impressed with the collation of toys that I got. Of the eight random toys that I picked up, 3 were of this guy, King Joe, who is supposed to jump into the air on the push of a button though I can't get him to do so.

The only other villain I got was Zetton whose boobs light up with a button push.

The Ultraguys that I got were two of Ultraman Tiga who fires a phallic missile.

And two of Ultraman who utters a catchphrase that sounds like "Suwatcha!"

This was a rather disappointing haul and since I've started a new diet that prohibits carbs during the week, I'm going to forgo buying anymore Happi Setto toys in the future!

Aw damn, what's this? A Spider-Man set! Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

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