Tales Of My Mom.

Happy 母の日 or haha no hi!

Here is a copy of the card I made for my mother a few years ago. It's my creation of her name in kanji. Can any of you read it?

See this quartet of cuties? That is my siblings and I over 40 years ago. I recall a story that my mater would constantly bring up of  my younger brother, sister and I in order to shame us. When we lived in Aurora in the mid-60s, the three of us would lie down in the middle of the road and when we heard a car, we'd get up and go to the side of the road and then repeat the same gag again. It wasn't a very busy street but that is the kind of hijinks we'd pull to make her prematurely grey. Here she is while still a natural redhead.

The other kids would always find better things to do so I was the one who'd go grocery shopping with her and act as her porter. One of her weaknesses was a love of Harlequin romances. She'd often forget her reading glasses and wasn't sure if she'd already read the latest novel on the stands. So (much to her chagrin) she would ask me to read the description on the back of the book. Thus in my most dramatic voice, I'd read it aloud, perhaps a little louder than she'd have liked.

For example:

A hellion on the run. 
Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms—even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean. At last on her own, free to do as she pleases, she is determined to chart her own course. There's only one problem…. 
A gentleman determined to possess her. 
Nicholas Warre has made a deal. To save his endangered estate, he will find Lady India, marry her and bring her back to England at the behest of her father. And with thousands at stake, he doesn't much care what the lady thinks of the idea. But as the two engage in a contest of wills, the heat between them becomes undeniable…and the wedding they each dread may lead to a love they can't live without.

We lost her two years ago, though truth be told, she wasn't really with us since the late 90s when she was hospitalized. To this day, though I have inherited none of her gardening talent, I still have an appreciation of flowers and can't help snapping a few pictures of them with the expectation that I'd show them to her on one of my annual trips home. Take care, mom. Here are the pics I took yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Picky in Sendai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Picky in Sendai said...

In the photo with your siblings, which one is you?
I'm pretty sure you are not the one on the bottom left.

Anonymous said...

", the heat between them becomes undeniable"
It's like Mrs. haines drama class. I can just hear you reading it.

Anonymous said...

That was me Phil, btw

Michael Jones said...

Since you're the only one who knows Mrs. Haines, I guessed that it was you Phil.
Bottom left is my younger sister, I'm above her. We each look like my mom, the other brothers resemble my dad.


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