Ari-gatou, Ari-Man!

FINALLY got to see Antman and hoo boy was it ever worth the wait! Several of my Japanese friends will not have seen it yet, so I won't go spoileriffic yet I must say that the casting was superlative, right down to the unexpected cameo by a previous Antman, a bartender, and ANTony. Since I can't see this in 3D in English, I'm going to have to go see it again in that format, albeit in Japanese. If you don't mind a few spoilers, here is a formidable formicidae review for you.

Here is some of the loot that I picked up tonight. I may gather some more crumbs to take back to my nest.

A pair of stickers that will inevitably end up in my car.

This is the front and back of a page inserter doodad. (You put it between the pages of your notebook to ease writing.
 The inevitable clear-files.

The above is more of a 3D pouch than file.

Awesome movie. Hope springs eternal for a sequel with Antman and the Wasp and hopefully some scenes with Michael Douglas in action.

ps. Ari=ant, ergo the title above.
Tomorrow is the second parter of the Attack on Titan live movie. Woohoo!

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