I had a good time yesterday drinking with friends, making new friends, and listening to some Japska (Japanese-ska) at Septemberfest Oktoberfest. As usual, the beer was dear yet the company made up for it.

The group above is called おひつじ座流星群 (Ohitsujiza-Ryuueigun loosely translated as The Constellation Aries) and the keyboard player on the left is a former student and current friend of mine, Kelly.

I just plunked my phone down on a railing and aimed it at Kelly's hands for their rendition of Nat King Cole's Smile.

If you're interested in purchasing a CD of theirs, try Hibinone. I have a copy of it, it's an enjoyable listen. They won't be at Oktoberfest this time around but the imported Oompapah band, ヴァイスビアムシー Veisspiamushi?, from Germany,  are pretty damn good. I even convinced a new friend, Manami, to do a polka with me.

She is also the proud recipient of a devilish mask and I even found the final two Masks that I wrote about the other day.

All in all, a pretty fine day.

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