I'm an Ice Guy.

Over the weekend was the 25th Jozenji Street Jazz Fest, and had a ton of fun attending it. Every year I go, I lament the lack of Jazz music and this was no exception. One colleague I met who is a rookie to the city and a first time goer summed it up as, "Fun time but I haven't heard much Jazz." I'll go into some of the highlights and lowlights in a later post but first I want to explain a little contest I had going with my Facebook fiends friends.

I offered up a free Smirnoff Vodka ICE to anyone who bumps into me. Just utter the phrase, "I'm an Ice Guy." and I'd hand over a tasty beverage. I managed to give away 4 or 5 and drank about 12 of my own over the course of the weekend.

There is madness behind my method here for with each of these bottles, one received a spooky mask as well!

Here are some sexy selfies for your pleasure. These five I picked up on the Saturday.

The following day, I offered up the contest and readied myself with 10 bottles. Over the course of the day, I was given two more and bought two as well. Unfortunately, it's a little tough to discern which one you're getting (some are more obvious than others) and I didn't get a full set of a dozen. Hopefully, I'll rectify that.

The only down side of these masks is that they are quite tight, just barely stretching from ear to ear. Anyone with a fatter head than mine is out of luck. If you are really lucky, I may offer up the doubles I've received during the "Countdown to Halloween 2015" that will begin Oct. 1st and run throughout the entire Halloweeny month.

Which one is your favourite??

There's some kind of a bar-code doodad with each mask, I'll scan it and give details about them later, after I get someone to interpret the results for me.

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