Beyond the Mats.

No, I didn't see any dorky wrestling movies, I went to Matsushima after school today. It was the first sunny day in two weeks so I popped down there on the hopes of catching a nice sunset. (I didn't.)

Word of advice. Unless you have a reason to be there after 5, go there before then. The place shuts down and there's nuthin' to do afterwards.

I ate dinner at a seafood restaurant (there are NO other kinds of restaurants there.) I had a sashimi platter and opted for the more expensive serving. It was tasty yet now I'm curious whether they gave me the cheap plate instead. I certainly don't know the difference.

 Best news, the oyster above was on the house (Service!) It could be because I was the only one in the joint.
Closest I got to a sunset.
I stayed there for less than an hour. It was nice but dull.

This would have livened things up:

This is the kind of act one used to see on Dugong Show.

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