Titanic Music.

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there that the sequel to Attack on Titan (live version) opens this weekend. (I wonder if they could convince Celine Dion to do a song for them?)

The last movie had a few tunes by Sekai no Owari.

One of the group has a clown fetish. I had one of these clowns but I gave it away to a worthy cause.

Here's a few samples of their music.
It's my Auntie Hero (x2).

 At the 45 sec. mark, SOS!

It's the End of the World (roughly translated as Sekai no Owari) as we know it. Here is their interpretation of their band's creation.

This is a playlist of the music by composer Shiro Sagasu for the sequel.

01. Le Soleil d’Or
02. War Song
03. Masterplan, Metalopera
04. God have Mercy
05. Rise up, Rhythmetal
06. The Original Sin
07. Boule de cristal, piano
08. For the dead
09. Die die die die!!
10. Temper the wind
11. Orchestre, lent
12. Deuxième ouverture
13. Rise up
14. War, politics and power
15. Attack of Titans
16. Orchestre, géant à l’est
17. ATM, Rhythmetal
18. Orchestre, apogée
19. Golden Sun
20. Boule de cristal, epilogue d'orchestre version complete
  【Hi-Res Only】
21. Mercy, metal, mercy【Hi-Res Only】
22. L’Obscurité Profonde【Hi-Res Only】

Here is #10:

...and with lyrics:

I'm fairly certain that this will be a more powerful soundtrack than before. I'll let you know after I see the movie...

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