Long Live the King, Again.

When one hears the word, "King", some think of Jack "King" Kirby, others may evoke Elvis, the King. Personally, I dub the royal moniker to Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

I'm bringing this up because a pal o' mine sent me this page of the darn cutest kaiju. If I had my way, these guys would be given an animated series right away.

I printed off the above and snapped some closeups of the kawaii kaiju.

Keen observers may notice that this guy is not called Godzilla or Gojira, rather he goes by the nomenclature of Elvis. I strongly suspect that this was done in order to circumvent Toho's tendency to cease and desist all unauthorized versions of their King. (I hope they don't catch wind of this blog!) Alas, I fear that they have caught up with the artist for I cannot find out who is the artiste in question.
Anyone out there have a clue?

The above pics are my present to author Stephen Sullivan who celebrates a birthday today!  You the Manda!

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