Seven Elevengers.

My Hong Kong connection has supplied me with some more dust collectors, only this time they are magnetic so I can stick them anywhere metallic. Unfortunately, the gimmick to obtaining these foes of Ultron is by collecting a bunch of stamps and then redeeming them for a randomly boxed character. Therefore, it's expensive and nigh-impossible to get them all. Here are the 5 that she sent me.

 This Hulk is a favourite yet he appears more Lou Ferrigno than Mark Ruffalo.
 I think Tony had beans for dinner!
 How do I get this :M*th*r-F*ck*ing disk off my back?
 Nice to see Black Widow wasn't excluded unlike most American merchandising.
Hawkeye is a suave looking bowman.

Speaking of Hawkeye, here is a video showing his unboxing. (Warning: video is very dull, skip to the 7 minute mark for the unveiling.)

Here is the entire set. If anyone sees any of the ones I'm missing and wants to pick them up for me, I won't object.

Since I had to pick up my goods at the Post Office, I was halfway to Natori so I decided to do some shopping on the Nerd circuit. (Toys Am Us, Hard-off and Mandai). At トイザらス (toysrus), I was mainly checking for new Star Wars stuff, but I'll show off those findings in a later post. At 799 yen each, these cars are a little out of my price range, so I sufficed with just snapping a few pics. I may break down later and buy a Groot-mobile.

I did buy some more Avengers disks packs since they were on sale. When I got back to the car, I discovered they were only EIGHT YEN EACH! I would have gone back and bought up their entire supply but there were only two left and I had cleaned them out.

 Spider-Man and Tiger Shark.
Crossbones and Captain America.

Over to Hard-Off (that sounds rude so I'll refer to it as Hobby-Off.) Slim pickings but I did find two plush figures from the "Kawaii Art Collection". Somehow I missed these when they were in the UFO Catch bins, I landed Spidey and Cap but missed out on Thor! (The search begins.)

Over to Mandai, I only found a Spidey-head on a chain.

A tad disappointing but I also found this cool kaiju nemesis. I don't know exactly what series or movie it is from but I like it.
Details on other goodies tomorrow...

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