Awakening the Force.

When I went on my whirlwind tour of Natori the other day, my plan was to check out the new Star Warsian items made available for purchase that spoil the new movie. There were several items WAY out of my price range and all I ended up buying at Toys 'Am Us was a shopping bag. Yet it is of classic SW so I snapped it up.

What I didn't buy but surreptitiously photographed (not taking the time to focus--sorry) were the following items in no discernible order:

I saw these at a Toy Store out in the sticks (near Kurihara City)  last weekend. I rather like that Yoda Car but at 8 bucks a pop.

At that same store, the Halloween goodies have started coming out though mostly costumes for the kiddies.

And of course the pumpkinny goods are cropping up in the UFO Catcher bins. I'm going to try and be more choosy in what I try to win this year (ie. not this item.)

And I'm happy to see that Peko-chan is all dolled up again this year.

Toys 'Am Us had just started putting out their Halloween goods so I only managed to snap a pic of two of the more popular costumes. I wish they came in Adult sizes.

These two Youkai Watch items will be a common thread throughout October's Countdown to Halloween 2015. I'm not entirely certain what I'll be doing for the annual Countdown though I think I'll try and add a daily Youkai Watch goodie to my gift bag. (You too can join the countdown by clicking that there link.)

I'm going to leave you with a picture of ねじり ほんにょ, a mascot from Kurihara City.

  My guess is that he's just a clump of dried rice sheaves but is cute in a Swamp Thing kind of way.

Oops, I almost forgot, I also found a BB8 sticker and some clear files at the Aeon Cinema in Natori. Nice swag and not so expensive.

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