Return of Zombear!

Night of the Living Zombear II.

A few weeks back I chowed down on some Zombear ramen and I never expected to see that Zombear again. I was mistaken and so in today's video, I present Zombears in action.

Zombear performs an odd dance for the masses:

I can't figure out how to embed these so I'll just scam them from their Facebook page.
Zombear soccer

Zombear makes a friend

Zombear plays some sort of basketball game

Zombear shows up with a few of his friends (Kumamon, MelonBear, Kobear, and  Arukuma) to the Ted premiere. The good stuff starts around the 32 second mark and ends about 1:50. Stay to the end if you want to see a Melon-headed bear consume an AKB48 gal.

Here is more of メロン熊 (MelonKuma):

Unfortunately my  Countdown to Halloween agenda went awry due to an unexpected hospitalization so the  best laid plans of Mike and Men will have to be adjusted until I get back on track. Be sure to click that link to find other blogs of Halloweeny goodness!


Zombear t-shirts are now discounted!

Not sure who this guy is.

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