By the Sea.

I popped down to Arahama because I had a hankering for seeing the sea and because I'd never been there.

There was a busload of seniors all of whom came to pay their respects to the fallen at the above shrine.

Much to my chagrin, my hankering could not be assuaged for they are building up huge wave blockers and the general populous is not allowed to venture to the shore.

The oddest sight amongst all the desolation was a brand spankin' new skateboarding court!

This cute little earwig-type bug was in a hurry to cross the road.

To be honest, this area was not as bad as some areas I've seen. Just a lot of downed trees still. Very little refuse and debris, most of it had been cleared away. This building was one of the only ones around.

The above photos can be attributed to Kikuta Kikuo and you can check out his site for more pics. On the way back to the main drag, I passed this school. It was certainly hit hard but was still standing.

 I did manage a peek at the ocean when I crossed the bridge to Natori. Not very satisfying, yet my goal was attained.

I went to Aeon Mall just to see if there was a movie worth seeing (there wasn't) and they had a mini-Halloween celebration going on. Several displays of kiddies toys and candies were for sale at slightly higher than usual prices. That didn't prevent parents from succumbing to their kids' desires though.

I picked up these two little guys from among a bunch of Kamen Rider figures.

 A few more Halloween displays.

I UFO caught this nice Star Wars plate.

Finally, I popped over to Toys Am Us a found a couple of GofG bobbleheads on sale.

 Woohoo! I got Rocket!


Fried Toast said...

Will have to stop by and see if I can't find the Spider-Man & Iron Man, too.

The secret to seeing the ocean is just climbing over everything. I did that awhile back when I had time to kill. Where there's a will, there's a way. ;)

Michael Jones said...

They aren't cheap (180) but they look great.
As for climbing my way, I didn't feel like sneaking around and getting caught by the construction crew or Security guards (what the heck are they there for anyway?)


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