Cheesy Decorations.

At today's school, I noticed that the First Grade teacher had an envelope with Halloween written upon it. We then proceeded to go through the goods and there were some cheesy, uber-cute cut-outs. They're very Hallmarkish yet have some fine details to them.

 The foppish skeleton walking his pet spider.
 The mouse taking a chunk out of green cheese out of the moon.
 The bedazzled bow-tied bat.
 The goofy looking ghost.
 The hayseed Jack-o'-Lantern.
 The stoner spider high on candy corn.
 Double double, boil and bubble.
 The haunted corn husk with the confused pumpkin and lazing black cat.
 Frankenstein (with an F on his chest) about to trample on a cat
 A string of crepe-paper Jack-o'-Lanterns. I gave her a pumpkin template from which her students could design their own faces.

Finally, today since I was in the neighbourhood, I popped into IKEA and because Halloweenish goods did not sell well last year, they didn't order anything new. There is a string of Pumpkin-lights and these packages of orange or black pumpkins. I bought 6 packs at 149 yen each so I'll be able to give each of my several hundred students a Jack or two.

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