Pepsi Ghost II!

I never thought I'd have a sequel to my Pepsi Ghost post of a few weeks past; I'd revised it several times to include guesses at the Mystery Flavour but didn't imagine a whole new post.

Well, shiver my britches, if I didn't find 5 new Ghostly labels today. I tried the Frankenstein one and yet again, it comes up Grape/Cherry-like.

No one has been able to nail down the flavour yet, including this fellow blogger who speculates "Chocolate", "Peanut butter" and "Pumpkin" as viable options. Another Japanese blogger also proposes "Kabocha" (pumpkin) and also equates it with ドクターペッパー (Dr. Pepper), not a bad assessment.

Personally, I continue to stand by my grapish--cherryish assessment, I don't taste a pumpkin vibe whatsoever. I appear to be the first to show off the new pictures, here are the rest for your bemusement.

 An eye-patched skeleton. He has already eaten his treats.
A Haunted House with a ghost and bats. I notice that most of these characters have already received a treat or two.
 A vampire, I guess, looking similar to Lock of Nightmare Before Christmas fame.
 This mummy is second favourite, my fave is Frankie above.

As an added bonus, when you buy four of these (do so at the supermarket, it is FAR cheaper), you can choose between a tumbler or the craft from this Kyari Pamyu Pamyu post. I chose the glass.

If anyone can decipher what the "Mystery Flavour" might be, please weigh in with your guesses.

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