Kaiju Kostumes.

Family Mart has an Ultraman promotion going on now. I picked up a couple of free (with purchase) cardboard cutout headbands. They are cute but my one complaint is that you only get one band for the heroes and one band for the villains so you can only play with one character at a time. (Of course, perhaps there is one band for a kid-sized head, I needed to bands to fit it around my noggin.)

 Witchy Pigumon or Vampiric Baltan.
 Hey, where is the costume for the Ultramen?

 In addition to the above, there's a contest wherein one spends 700 yen and you get a lucky draw. You can win nada (like I did), food or some original goods.
 I'd like one of these cards.
 or one of these original figures.
As a test of your skill, can you find the three differences between the above pictures? (I'll give you a hint for one of them, the pumpkin in the lower right corner is a different colour. The reason for the hint is due to a badly placed flash flare.) Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it and find the other two!

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