Crazy Party Night!

One of the oddest of the J-Poppers to arise in the last few years is Kyari Pamyu Pamyu (Click for her website). She has come out with yet another Halloween video and it's one of the funkiest yet.

Check out her Crazy Party Night (Click for details.)

And the Coca Cola Commercial:

Making of the Coca Cola ad featuring the above song.

You can join in the fun and maybe win a prize by emulating KPP in a Dance Contest.

Speaking of Coca Cola, I landed this little party package when I bought a couple of beverages.

 It comes with a few straws with mouth-masks.
 Which do you prefer?

I'm supposed to able to assemble these together...

...and come up with this:

I really thought I'd posted this before, but this is the video that provided KPP her to leap to fame: Pon Pon Ponder this:

Finally, a couple of Halloweenish tunes.

Kira Kira Killer with skeletons and death and the World Turtle!

Beware the Fashion Monster!

Some Fashion Monster GU ads:

Speaking of commercials:

I would love to see her in concert one day. I'm certain it'd be wacky!

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