Better Latte Than Never.

Just a quickie today.
One of my schools has the most adorable Halloween display. Aren't these the cutest ghosts?

  I am not sure here, but could this be an ethereal Wedding party?
 Dig that cutesy witch.
 A skull has got to be the most fitting huckster for Calcium Wafers.

Finally, when I bought my Ghostly Pepsis yesterday, I also snagged a Sweet Pumpkin Latte. It tasted pretty good but I didn't perceive much of a pumpkinny taste.

It was far superior to the Ghost Pepsi I drank. The Mystery Flavour might be grape, it was very difficult to tell. It definitely was NOT very yummy. I'll try another Pepsi tomorrow just to compare the flavours. If it's the same, I think I'll put my taste test on hiatus.

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